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Super Siblings
This is a dynamic, light-hearted, and sometimes off-the-wall story of sibling rivalry. Like every elementary aged brother and sister, Conrad and Courtney Clark often don’t get along. They like to argue, bicker and blame one another for common
occurrences at home.

Although their childhood may sound typical, the Clark children turn it up a notch with the use of inherited super powers. Not only rivals at home, they have unwittingly become archenemies in public. Conrad a.k.a. the Scout, uses his powers for good. Courtney a.k.a. the Banshee, uses her powers for bad.
Hidden in plain sight their secret identities remain intact and they never suspect the other.


The Henchman

Our hero is a nameless, brainwashed henchman.  He’s a one-man fighting machine in an army of one-man fighting machines – compelled to fight to the death to protect the secret volcanic island headquarters of his evil master.

The Henchman has earned the respect of his fellow soldiers in both gun battles and hand-to-hand combat.  But nothing prepares him for the island’s next attacker.  It’s a woman!  Flying through the sky like Superman – and looking pretty darn hot in her skintight spandex!  She is UltraBabe – an incendiary mix of beauty and strength.  For the Henchman it’s love at first sight – guess what happens next.

The Henchman is written by Steve Whitestone.  Mr. Whitestone’s writing credits include animated television and feature film productions like The Pebble and the Penguin.  The graphic novel is illustrated by newcomer Patrick Scullin and is currently in production.  The Henchman is scheduled for release in 2008.

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, Part 1
Professor Conrad Hunter, an avid archaeologist, discovers the key to immortality through the use of artifacts he acquires on a dig in Egypt.  This great achievement however, comes with a terrible cost when he discovers that in the process, he has lost everything that he holds dear.  These events in Hunter, Part 1 set in motion an adventure through history that continues in Hunter, Part 2 and concludes in Hunter, Part 3 of the series where Professor Hunter struggles to find a way to preserve the past and restore his future.

Hunter is a three-part comic book series written and illustrated by Patrick Scullin.  The story is set in the 20’s and can be characterized as “The Mummy” meets “Time Machine.”  The first 32 page comic is currently in production.